Baseball Diplomacy


There is a long history of baseball as a tool of diplomacy.  It’s roots go back to the 19th century when baseball was introduced to Japan in the 1870’s and 1888 when Albert Spalding, of sporting goods fame, did a multi-continent, barnstorming tour with major league all stars.

What will tomorrow bring? With new countries opening up and the world of international diplomacy in unchartered territories of complexity, maybe it’s time to simplify our world and get back to the sandlots of our youth where conflicts were resolved on dirt fields, with raw skill and, for the victors, an occasional Dairy Queen.

This collection of diplomatic baseball haikus is a brief tour of baseballs’ ambassadorial history, some reflections on “what ifs”, a few geographic baseball observations and an exploration of possibilities.

Baseball versus bombs? Sounds like a winner to us.

Roger Frank & Douglas Lewtan

June 2018